Dave Jukes

Date Of Birth: 22nd January 1969 Date of Passing: 9th October 2018
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Dave had severe, chronic service attributed PTSD Disorder. He struggled for many years with his mental health and was first diagnosed in 2006, where he was sectioned under the mental health act by the Police and mental health service. This led to his diagnosis of service attributed PTSD. He learnt to manage his symptoms on a day-to-day level following therapy. However, he couldn’t let go of his love for the military life and if you had ever asked him if he regretted anything he had done and the places he had been, he would say no- it was his identify and what he loved doing. It was his safe place, the place where he knew what was expected of him. It was civilian life that he didn’t like, this was the place where he didn’t quite understand the rules of social engagements and where a whole wealth of attributes he didn’t posses were expected. He went back to Afghanistan in 2012, and this saw his PTSD symptoms start to become unmanageable again.  He took a while to recognise it in himself at first, but over time he did realise that he needed to reach out. Dave was quite intuitive where it came to verbalising his symptoms and his difficulties and although reluctant to open that Pandora’s Box again, he did engage with help. He saw every major, military mental health charity for assessments and therapy. Eventually he ended up under the care of the NHS TIL and CTS Programme, but it was almost too late as he went into a mental health crisis not long afterwards. He was put under the care of the local crisis management team and 3 months later completed suicide. Dave was the most honest, caring, loyal and dedicated husband, father and friend you would ever hope to meet and his presence in our lives is missed on a daily basis.

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