“Sapper support have been a great help to me this last few weeks it all started when I spoke to mark who was my welfare officer in the army. He advised me that I needed to have a psychiatric assessment which would be funded by sapper support to help me on my way. I was struggling to get an appointment without a referral so sapper support  stepped in and helped me out with a referral. I was diagnosed with PTSD. Since then both Tim and Mark have supported me when feeling crap. Sapper support is a brilliant charity and I’m looking forward to raising some money for them. Thanks guys so much.”

Anon. – October 2016

“I just want to say something, I depended on alcohol for years, it helped me sleep, that was the reason I drunk, but now I’m on medication to help me sleep, I’ve gone through some dark days, wanting to take my life, losing my wife, I thought I was done, then I rang Sapper support, they listened, they helped, I am now getting the help I think I deserve, I’ve been alcohol free for 22 days, but I’m going to have a beer or 2 at army v navy, the point I’m trying to say is, even in your darkest days, don’t give up, reach for help, I’ll always be in debt to Tim Evers and his team , REspect”

Sam Dunn – April 2015


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