PTSD Memorial Unveiled at National Arboretum

Award winning charity Sapper Support is the brain child of 49-year-old Ex-Royal Engineer Tim Evers. Started in 2014 after a colleague, Chris Walmsley took his own life after suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), this charity is the only 24/7 PTSD helpline in the UK, staffed solely by veterans and 999 personnel. In 2016 they move to helping not just veterans but the wider 999 community too, after realising that most of their volunteers also worked within this area.
This is unique to Sapper Support and allows them to easily converse and understand what their patrons have experienced.
As well as giving emotional support to those who are still battling with the effects of PTSD and associated mental health illnesses, Sapper Support designed the new PTSD memorial which now resides within the confines of the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) in . Taking almost two years to design and fund, this memorial can now become the focus of those families who have lost loved ones to PTSD and associated mental health illness.
The statue, a life-sized figure in bronze, was the idea of Tim Evers, but brought to life by sculptor Peter Barnes, who already has one existing piece at the NMA.
Sapper Support created this memorial as a tactile piece and encourages all visitors to hold its out-stretched hand and remember those they have loved and lost.
Thanks, have to paid to Moran Logistics, namely Mr. Harry Moran for supporting this venture and facilitating the involvement of the ground-crew who constructed the memorial.
Secondly, the construction company, LCM for undertaking this venture free of charge.
Thirdly, to HESCO for agreeing to finance the purchase of both granite plinths.
And lastly, to all the individuals/organisations who gave personal donations, ran marathons, endured bike rides and helped to raise the funds to make this venture a reality, we thank you.
Sapper Support continues to give aid 24/7 to all who need it, regardless of cap-badge, rank or service. If you wish to contact Sapper Support, please do so through the media below:
24/7 helpline: 0800-040-7873 or 0800-040-7783
Lastly, you can text on 07860018733