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Kevin Strauthers
Delta Team Leader

Kevin Strauthers, joined the Royal Engineers in 1990 as an apprentice tradesman at the Army Apprentice College Chepstow.

Kevin, served 39 Engineer Regiment, 34 Field Squadron, 35 Engineer Regiment, 28 Engineer Regiment, 3 Royal School of Military Engineering and 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD).

While serving with 33 Engineer Regiment, Kevin, qualified as a RESA Instructor and saw tours of duty in the Falklands, Canada, Kenya, Belize, Bosnia, and Afghanistan.

Kevin left the service in 2014 and is training to be a Primary School Teacher on the Troops to Teach Scheme.

John Thompson

John Thompson,  joined the Royal Engineers whilst at university in 1983, and  was commissioned into the Territorial Army. John, joined the regular army in 1989, serving with 42 Survey Engineer Group, 3 Commando Brigade, 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD).

On leaving the service in 1998, John , re-joined the Territorial Army as a CIMIC Officer seeing tours of duty in Kurdistan, the Falklands, and Afghanistan during his time in regular and reserve service.

John, work as a Paramedic for Surrey Ambulance Service and is an active member of 16 Medical Regiment , 16 Air Assault Brigade as a Medical Support Officer and Paramedic.

Rob Halliwell

Rob Halliwell, joined The Guards Depot Pirbright as a junior guardsman in 1989. Servicing with the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards and saw tours of duty in Northern Ireland, Belize and Kenya.

Rob left the service in 1995 and works for the Fire Service.

Jason Shuffe

Jason Shuffe, joined the Royal Engineers in 1988 at The Army Apprentices College, Chepstow. Served in various Squadrons and Field and Armoured Regiments until 1997. Completed tours of duty in the Middle East, Kenya, Cyprus, and Northern Ireland.

Jason left the service in 1997, joining the Fire Service until 2015 where he runs his own company as a Plumbing and Heating Engineer