Our People

Tim Evers

Once leaving my Training Regiment, I was posted to 39 Engr Regt at Waterbeach, serving in 34 Fd Sqn. Whilst there we deployed to Belize for my first tour. On returning to the UK, I applied for a transfer and moved to 33 Engr Regt EOD, serving in 21 Engr Sqn EOD. Promoted to L/Cpl I was 2ic of my section when we deployed to Bosnia in 96. Working in Gorni Vakuf and the surrounding area, we made safe thousands of ordnance pieces, recovered various vehicles and personnel who strayed off road and cleared routes and buildings. When I left the army in 97 I joined the fire service, where I still serve today. Over the past 4 years I have been the REABD Fundraising Coordinator. Raising thousands of pounds for those soldiers of Bomb Disposal who have been injured physically or psychologically. After hearing about yet another soldier who had taken his life whilst suffering from PTSD I decided enough was enough. I set up 0800 040 PTSD and this website as support.

We are not doctors, social workers or psychiatrists. We are ex sappers, who know how to talk to sappers…. And more importantly we know how to listen.